Segunda 17 Mai 2021
Grupo de Nanomedicina
e Nanotoxicologia

188. Jaqueline P. Souza, Adrislaine S. Mansano, Francine P. Venturini, Valéria S. Marangoni, Paula M. P. Lins, Barbara P. C. Silva, Bárbara Dressler, Valtencir Zucolotto. Toxicity of gold nanorods on Ceriodaphnia dubia and Danio rerio after sub-lethal exposure and recovery. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 2021, In Press.

187. Fabrício A. dos Santos, Nirton C. S. Vieira, Naiara A. Zambianco, Bruno C. Janegitz and Valtencir Zucolotto. The layer-by-layer assembly of reduced graphene oxide films and their application as solution-gated field-effect transistors. Applied Surface Science 2021, v 543, 148698, ISSN 0169-4332.

186. Juliana Cancino-Bernardi; Paula M. P. Lins; Valéria S. Marangoni; Henrique A. M. Faria; Valtencir Zucolotto. Difference in lipid cell composition and shaped-based gold nanoparticles induce distinguish pathways in Langmuir monolayers response. Materials Today Communications. 2021, In press.

185. Abilene Rodrigues Correia, Isabella Sampaio, Edson José Comparetti, Nirton C. S. Vieira and Valtencir Zucolotto. Optimized PAH/Folic acid layer-by-layer films as an electrochemical biosensor for the detection of folate receptors. Bioelectrochemistry, 137, 107685, 2021.